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Relic Wars

by Rambit and Impeached - 1058 downloads

Aim of the game is to have the last monastery standing. Each relic collected will give you 1000 gold to spend on various upgrades at the monastery. Kills, razings and conversions also give gold, but a small amount in comparison to relics. Relics fly from the middle of the map but can't be picked up until they are killed/stop moving.Screenshot:
Technologies & Units:
Technologies from the monastery include:
  • Upgrade to next archer unit.
  • Increase Monk Speed
  • Increase Monk HP
  • Upgrade to next Tower
  • Ages, including archer technology
Siege units which can be trained at the Monastery include:
  • Bad Neighbour
  • Saboteur
  • Jean De Lorrain
  • Siege Ram
Map Included:
  • [V] Relic Wars v13(mod)
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